Monday, July 19, 2010

Importance of Mass Media in today’s World

Ah well, I deleted my previous essay on the same topic because I have got my original copy of the essay for which I secured first place in my Pre-University. Any criticism is welcome.

Mass Media can be loosely defined as the medium through which some information reaches out to a very large audience. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, Computers, mobile phones and even video games can be classified as Mass Media that spread information to a large number of people in a short time. They create awareness about both political and non-political issues affecting citizens at large.

The role of mass media in a democratic system is very crucial. Media is indeed a watch dog in a political democracy. It acts as an informative bridge between the governing body and general public. It integrates the human civilization and thereby creates global unity and peace. It acts as an instrument of change for the betterment of the world.

Journalism is the act of collecting, analyzing and verifying information and of course presenting their unbiased opinions to the public. The seven principles of conduct of a journalist are integrity, objectivity, accountability, transparency, selflessness, honesty and leadership.

Newspaper and television reach every corner of the world and play a prominent role in educating and updating the public with the latest. They can make an impact on the people and guide them in issues like regionalism, racism and other such major issues.

Internet brings a flood of information to the user at the touch of a button and it has become very easy for the layman to access the net. Various web sites, blogs, message boards, pod casts not only help to know information but also to express one’s personal views and experiences.

Magazines which are published weekly, monthly or yearly can either be general interest magazines or special interest magazines that publish news on special fields like sports or health.

Since media has a lot of responsibility, it has to discharge its duties keeping in mind that it is accountable to the public at large. Mass media should help in improving public relation and should promote non-violence. It can definitely make a difference in the society. It is because of the media that the world has come together and hence the name “Global Village”. People not only expect news from media, but also possible remedies. Let us hope that media lives up to the expectation and serves the purpose. Though, like any other power, media is also a double-edged-weapon, let us hopes that it takes our life to a greater level. Life without media is like a lamp without oil.

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